Andrew Rey Ramirez (born September 13th, 1994), former stage name Ounce “The Ridiculous Child, mononymously known now as Nili Reyy (pro·nounced as “NILLY-RAY” ), is an American hip hop  artist, singer, and record producer. Currently signed to Kultral Recordz, and in addition to his solo work is a member of So Ridiculous Music Group. Nili Reyy was born and raised in San Antonio, TX

Early life Andrew Rey Ramirez was raised in a single-parent home in San Antonio, TX, Rey’s father Tony  Lopez was involved in his life for a short amount of time growing up by the age of 3 years old Rey’s father left out of his life for good. Growing up many questions we’re left unanswered left with the bitterness and anger Rey began growing up to find out the truth of his father. Tony Lopez was addicted to Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and was an I.V. user of liquidized heroin. Because of the absence of his father Rey had nothing else to hold onto besides his inner Outcry of why he wasn’t loved by his dad. Celebrity Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known by his stage name Eminem was Rey’s biggest inspiration growing up,

“Listening to some of Eminem’s greatest hits like Cleanin’Out My Closet, Sing For The Moment, and Lose Yourself was my rout of escape to numb myself from the anger, hurt, guilt and pain that tormented my mind of not being wanted or loved.” - Nili Reyy

Rey marveled at the unique art of grasping all of your emotions and putting it down into a song that people can relate to. By 9 years of age Rey wrote his first song of all emotions that he ever bottled up at young age, instantaneously Rey was addicted to the craft of writing his emotions down on a sheet of paper. Really quickly during the rising Hip Hop era Rey began looking up to Eminem, Tupac, S.P.M. (South Park Mexican), Jay-Z and other great Musical Icons for identity of who he was as an individual.  Rey had a desire to be known as his idols were, by a name something that uniquely identified who he was by his talent. 

2016 a new era of music began to rise becoming influenced by the SoundCloud/Mumble Rap-Rock genre Rey began to write lyrics from his life experiences to fit into a musical format that would build a new fan base around his type of style. Adapting to his environment Rey found a new identity that would ultimately lead to becoming one of the biggest names in independent music, Nili Reyy... Nili translated נילי (Hebrew) meaning “the eternity of Israel will not lie". Nili Reyy began to formulate a new sound that would connect with his soon to be fans around the world. 

 During the duration of  Nili Reyy’s past musical endeavors a buzz was created with his former indie label So Ridiculous Productions and 3rd Eye Music Group which  later grew to be So Ridiculous Music Group that Nili Reyy became owner of in 2015. "Gandrr" (William Constancio) founder of HE Clothing apparel was a huge role in the artistic development in Reyy's artist career. Nili Reyy now uses his artist outlets to become one of the biggest creative influences to ever come across the ear to a listener.

My mindset was I’m going to live music, breath music, and be music. – Nili Reyy